Persuasive Essay On Closed Adoption

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When an adoption takes place, it can be open or closed. In an open adoption, the child certainly has the legal right to find out more about his or her parents. In a completely closed adoption, though, the child may be kept from knowing more about his or her birth parents. This can be difficult for the child, especially with not having a known family medical history. That being said, it 's important to respect the wishes of the parents who originally gave the child up for adoption. This shouldn 't keep the child from taking steps to find a parent if they want to through other means (like websites), but if the parents are still unwilling to be in contact, then they need to respect that.
Think about it. That 's the whole point of being adopted!
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When they reach a certain age, they should have access to this information if they want it. This would help not only answer questions for the adopted person, but could be potentially life-saving when it comes to family health information being accessible to doctors.
The children have the right to know who gave birth to him/her. They could use their parents to ask the questions they have always been wondering about themselves and their questions would be answered truthfully. I feel like when they get old enough, they should get to know the truth about their birth parents.
Adopted children under age 18 should be allowed to legally seek their birth parents without the permission of the adoptive parents. It 's human nature to want to know where we came from and who we look like. There should be no law against trying to find out, regardless of the loving and nurturing upbringing the adoptive parents may have provided. Even if the adopted parents are hoping to protect their children from possible issues with biological parents, the children still deserve the right to know about their roots. Prohibiting a child from seeking contact with biological parents is ineffective because it simply delays the inevitable. If the child has a desire to contact the biological parents, they will do so eventually. It would be better if the contact was done in an honest, cooperative
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For example; the biological parents could not cater for the child welfare due to some reasons such as financial instability or mental status. However, their weakness does not mean that they are not capable of providing other essential elements for child’s growth. For instance, biological parents may be financial stressed to cater for the child. This may initiate the adoption process of the child to the foster parents. However, the biological parents may be rich in parental advices and encouragements which are essential for an individual growth. On the side of foster parents, they may have a stable financial background to provide basic and secondary needs to the child. However, they may be lacking some parenting talents or tips on social and cultural welfare to equip the child effectively. As a result, searching for biological parents can be essential and a beneficial move to do since the child get dual benefits (Howe

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