Persuasive Essay On Children Beauty Pageants

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I decided to write you a letter today because it’s been long time and I miss our conversations. Now that I have moved to Virginia, we haven’t had enough time to discuss the issues which trouble both of us. I am writing now to again talk about an issue we strongly disagreed on the past –children’s beauty pageants. John, I do understand that your viewpoint on children’s beauty pageants differs from mine. You feel that those events are good, harmless fun for the kids, and provide them with confidence when walking in public. You say it develops the skill of dressing up, enjoying one’s own image, and public speaking. It’s good to boost a child’s self-esteem, especially if they have a birth defect that they are self-conscious about. I know you grew up in a family where children are more social …show more content…
I grew up in the community where young girls are involved in different sports like soccer, baseball and volleyball rather than pageants. Children’s beauty pageants support the massage that young girls should exploit on their developing beauty and sexuality. Children are force to act a mature in young age like outgoing, wearing ostentatiously attractive clothes and teaches just win the competition. It’s very sexualized, bodily model of someone who’s trying to get attention. According Columnist David Hinckley, wrote about the child pageant TV show Toddlers and Tiaras for the New York Daily News, explained that: "it doesn't take a Ph.D. to realize that the parent, not the 4-year-old, is the engine driving this train."(“child beauty pageants”). I strongly agree with him because parents should know child pageant may lead their kids to health risk like eyes and skin problem using excess amount of chemical. Furthermore, parents pressure their kids to win the competition and pageant moms fighting one another over their children’s

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