Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity is a fast growing concern in American society. According to, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. How can society fix this obesity situation without knowing the causes of childhood obesity? The first step would be to narrow down why this is a problem and how to eliminate the issue before it begins. Childhood obesity is a problem in the United States because of the influence of fast foods, the parents’ eating habits, lack of physical activity, and children are uneducated about what is healthy and unhealthy to consume.

The impact fast foods have on children by target advertising, has greatly increased the sales of the restaurants but also the unhealthy
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Nutrition education is very important because all children need to know what they are putting into their bodies. A child will not comprehend that eating McDonalds 2 days a week is bad because they might follow by their parents’ example. The public school systems are required to teach health education in middle and high school levels, but is it really enough? The school systems really need to pressure the issue of nutrition to better the lifestyles of its students. Children also love foods that taste good to them, they don’t have the concern that what they are consuming is unhealthy. This is another reason as to why children need to be properly educated about daily nutrition.

In conclusion, children need to be properly educated on nutritional value of foods, portion sizes of each food, and to partake in more physical activity each day. The parents and the school systems in the United States need to stress the issue of childhood obesity and take action. By educating the children to be more physically active, it will decrease their chance of being obese in their lifetime. If the children of America were more aware of what they were eating, they could also slim the numbers of childhood obesity with their children in the

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