Bullying In Schools Research Paper

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Bullying in School
“It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students”(Prevention At School). Which means people who get bullied or attacked at school do not feel safe to come to an environment because of the fact that they are scared of being bullied by other kids. School is supposed to be a safe environment where kids come to learn and not to be burdened with stress. School work within its self is already stressful enough, kids picking on one another makes it more difficult for not only their learning abilities, but their lifestyles beyond school grounds. It can cause great amounts of tension within a student’s life, causing them to have lower grades, misconduct, bad decisions, and even low absence rates which can cause a student to even fail. The school systems should do more to stop bullying because we are all human and some people are more sensitive than others towards being bullied which could lead to depression or suicide. No one should ever feel threatened while being educated, and no one should ever have the means to feel worthless just because of some bully.
Every student in the school system should be treated equally, we are all human but for some odd reason bullies will
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Bullies on the internet make other people feel bad about themselves through social networking. Depression has a various number of effects on a person’s life. The link between bullying and depression can include other problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, high rates of school absences, and physical illnesses (Bullyingstatistics.org). Someone that has been bullied over a long period of time can link to having major problems within their lifestyle. Sooner or later the kid or adult being bullied will begin to feel like they do not have a purpose in

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