Persuasive Essay On Border Control

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You are driving along with a group of friends in your car. You and your friends are talking and laughing, having a good time, suddenly as you look in your rear view mirror you see that a sport utility vehicle is following your car. As your imagination begins to grow you begin to try and lose this “stalker”, as you are making your break; you see the flashing lights and begin to hear sirens. No, you are not in a disco dance club; you have just become another victim of, Operation Rio Grande. In the Valley, people have gotten away with car jacking, theft, and fraud, way more than illegal immigrants crossing the border have.Border Control and immigration is one of the United States deadliest concerns due to the amount of people that cross illegally …show more content…
Presidents of the United States have tried everything they can to stop the illegals from crossing the borders by setting up motion sensors, motion sensor cameras, air drones, infrared cameras, securing the borders with more border control agents as well as having more fire power and agents at border control stations.
Some security precautions border control is taking is that they have over 21,000 agents securing all the tunnels and passage ways that lead to the United States. They also have pilot-less drones, sensor cameras and other expensive technologies that catch illegal immigrants. The border fence that divides Mexico and the U.S. is over 2,000 miles long, many government officials want the fence to be longer and thicker because it is easy for illegal immigrants to cross by digging under it or cutting into the fence. In 2012 more than 357,000 illegal immigrants were caught trying to sneak across the border. In 1999, the U.S. Border Patrol has recorded that over 111,000 illegal immigrants were forced to leave the country. Even Attorney General Janet
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citizenship. Instead of spending money on illegal immigrants we could make them U.S. citizens and have them contribute to society by the American nightmare, taxes.Money could go to other programs as well, such as improving roads, hiring another judge, improving our police department. A witness at a murder scene seems to not get asked as much questions as a possible illegal alien. But despite all the complaints about Operation Rio Grande, you cannot argue with success. From 1996 to 1998, in Kingsville, illegal immigrants has gone down to 26 percent, and continues to drop. Highway 77, leading from Brownsville all the way to Corpus Christi are the hot zones for alien smugglers, once they get north of the checkpoints they are home free. But, since the increase of border Patrol units along U.S. Highway 77 and in Brownsville, many immigrants have started shifting west to travel north on U.S. Highway 281 towards Falfurrias. Joe Garza Chief of Border Patrol in McAllen, claim that apprehensions have increased after shifting towards Falfurrias, but his main concern in U.S. Highway 77, because 80 percent of all illegal immigrants traffic heads in that direction.Wildlife officials claim that the Border Patrol may be harming

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