Persuasive Essay On Bodybuilding

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“It is called bodybuilding for a reason. It is a marathon of a sport. Consistency and longevity are key. Success and results do not come overnight rather over days turning to months and years. There is a reason it is not called bodybuilt. Lifetime of journey of progress and pursuit of a better you.” --Unknown
Many people do exercise on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy, but then there are people who take exercising to a whole other level. It takes more than just discipline to become a bodybuilder. A person has to have persistence, patience, and a positive outlook to what they are getting themselves into. Many think that their progress will show in a couple of days, and that they can eat whatever they want to, but in reality they are wrong.
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A person could use a bioelectric device which sends an electric pulse throughout the body, and reads how much fat there is in the body. Most people do not like using this method because it is the most inaccurate way to find out how much fat there is in the body. Another way to find how much fat there is in the body, is to look at a body mass index chart which is determined by “height and weight”.(Mejia 174) Most doctors use this during a physical exam, to predict the percentage of fat there is in the body. Then the other option of determining a person’s body fat is to do a skin folding test. A “Skin folding test requires the use of a special caliper that measures the thickness of pinched skin at several body locations” (Monaghan 176) “Skin Folding is the best method for measuring fat” and is the most accurate if performed by a physician.(Mejia 176) Then once I have my weight and body percentage, it is time to start recording my progress, so that I can see how far I have …show more content…
As a child, one of the most important food groups is dairy because it helps promote bone health, and growth. Also “dairy groups are high in vitamin A and D” which is very important throughout a person 's life. This helps in the long run because deterioration of the bones can be painful, or can even be broken as well. Then “fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and good healthy carbohydrates”, and is essential to the diet.(Kennedy 169) Also some vegetables burn more calories just to digest the food, than consuming it. Also eating a small snack of fruit or vegetables to help keep the metabolism up, and not be as hungry to when it is time to eat a meal. It also helps to prevent a person from overeating during a meal, which is not good if trying to lose

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