Persuasive Essay On Animal Trafficking

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All species of animals have their own unique feature that helps them live in their own environment. These features can often become a danger to these animals when the thing that makes them unique catches the attention of human beings. This then prompts people to capture, hunt, kill, eat, torture, sell and buy these creatures. The need for humans to exploit every creature they can get their hands on, is an unfortunate habit that the world will not see stopping anytime soon. The results of this is animals start becoming endangered or even worse if left unchecked extinct. There are of course people who try to protect these animals and setup organizations to help keep them from being hunted or forced from their homes. Also corporations destroy animal’s habitats for their personal gain and the expansion of industry and business.
Of all the different kinds of animals
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People can really make a difference and help them if they spread awareness and make an effort for the injustice of this creature to be known. “It’s thought to be the most-trafficked mammal in the world, but few people know that it exists.” (CNN) Since there is such a lack of public knowledge for its’ trafficking which can also be linked to a lack government awareness about the nature of the smuggling of pangolins. All these factors contribute to what makes the illegal trade so elusive and hard for the authorities to bring to a halt. People can also donate to organizations specifically assisting endangered species like the pangolin. This gives these animals a chance to bring their numbers back up, all efforts to help with wildlife conservation would also greatly improve the species chances to at least escape tragic ends. There are many ways to aid and help protect this animal’s future. One of the easier way of doing this is by not buying products made from the animal and not eating them is a good start in helping the

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