Persuasive Essay On A Flat Tire

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I am driving down the street with my brother when all of a sudden I hear a loud noise. It was one of the first times I had driven on my own so my excitement quickly turned into worry. I panicked immediately as I tried figuring out what was going on. My brother was not even old enough to drive so I knew he would not be much help and at the same time I was asking myself how I would safely get out of this situation. I realized I had a flat tire so I immediately pulled over, luckily for me my dad had thought me a couple things about cars and changing a tire was one of them. I believe that by learning this basic yet helpful skill, you can avoid situations like being stranded or putting yourself in stressful and dangerous situations.
Like any other procedure there will be
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The reason I believe it is important to know how to do something like this is because it is a common thing that could happen to anyone. By learning skills like this it will help you avoid many things. You wont ever have to worry about being stranded and having to wait on someone for help. It will also help you save money by avoiding having to pay someone to do it for you. Basic knowledge like this can also help you become more independent, these things teach you how to do stuff on your own instead of having to rely on someone else. That is why learning about different things like this definitely has its benefits.
There are things that people want to learn about and then there are things that everyone should learn how to do. Anything that has to do with automobiles are important things to learn about since basically everyone nowadays is driving. Things like this have been helpful to me and I think would be helpful to many others. That is why by learning this basic yet helpful skill you can avoid things such as being stranded or putting yourself in stressful and dangerous

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