Obstacles Can T Stop You Analysis

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“ obstacles can’t stop you, problems can 't stop you . Most of all , other people can 't stop you. The only one who stops you is yourself. “ - unknown. As we all go on throughout life there will always be people that try to bring you down and tell you you 're not good enough. We’ve all had those moments. Where people underestimate you. In a way I like when people underestimate me or the power of motivation and determination . See although they can say things to bring you down what they don 't know is the amount of power you have within or the determination that you have. Weather you believe it or not , you have the power to achieve anything in life and trust me i know that sounds cheesy or it 's been said millions of times or you 've heard …show more content…
I mean honestly I didn 't have the best grades but I didn 't have the worse grades. I was decent in a few things but honestly and I know that for some of you this is true . Math was definitely not my strong suit . Although sometimes I would look at the people that were good at math and tell myself that I want to be like them, but right after that I would tell myself “ who am I kidding i won 't be good at that .” So I gave up because I was a quitter and when it got hard that 's all I would do is give up and hope by some miracle in the world I would wake up and be the girl version of Albert Einstein or alberta einsteina ( just his name but girl version ). As much as I wish that could happen it was more than unlikely to happen . Throughout my life I was a quitter and i accepted that I was and thought that was who I was always going to be . So the assistant principal at the time was a woman named Ms. Parmen pulled me to the side and told me that because my grades were so bad I wouldnt pass. She told me that I would have to repeat the grade . Little did she know who my parents are. My parents were the type to fight for what they want and what they believed and nothing was going to come in the way of their daughter getting the best possible education and their daughter to succeed in life . I mean that 's all they wanted as most parents do for their children . They only want the best for their children and whether you believe it or not sometimes what they say is to help

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