Persuasive Essay : Nonverbal Communication

1102 Words Dec 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Appealing to the opposite sex in a memorable way could pose to be the most challenging, most mind-boggling thing to do for even the most charming of women, but how could this be? Perhaps, in their radiant disposition, they lack an understanding of the effectiveness of their use of touch. Nonverbal communication could arguably be the most important aspect when building the foundation of a new relationship. This analysis of the significance of touch and how it can stimulate desire in the opposite sex will explore the claims made in Seeley’s (2015) popular press article, and compare them to the findings of scholarly articles that focus on the use of nonverbal communication in romantic settings. It will debunk assumptions about the lack of importance of nonverbal communication and explore how utilizing the power of body language could make even the most diffident of women exude confidence and become memorable.
Summary of Popular Press Article In this article, Seeley (2015) discusses the importance of non-verbal communication as it pertains to the success of romantic relationships. Seeley asserts that the power of body language and touch is the most memorable impression made when interacting with the opposite sex. Seeley states that men are more likely to remember a women’s scent or touch more quickly than he can recall her name (Seeley, 2015). Utilizing body language to exude confidence is a priceless skill in the world of dating and using touch to form bonds can…

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