Persuasive Essay: Is The Hot Dog A Sandwich?

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Is the Hot Dog a sandwich? The simple answer is no. However, many would and do argue that this thing, a Hot Dog, is a sandwich. For those of you out there, I will decimate any thoughts that make you have this simple minded approach that this food item is indeed a sandwich. Perhaps you may be in the audience now, listening to me speak about this frivolous topic wondering: “why is he even talking about this, does it even matter?”. The answer is yes it does. If the most trivial of arguments cannot be settled, then how can the more important issues be negotiated and solved without complications. So, back to the question... No, not the question, the statement; the Hot Dog is not a sandwich.
The dictionary definition of a Hot Dog is defined as; a
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Uh well dude, you may have a point. The sub sometimes is contained inside a single roll with the meat cradled as a hot dog is in its bun. However, this variation seems to be only seen in certain advertisements, such as Subway advertisements. When you go into a marketplace to order a sub, the maker of such item slices the roll; not bun, into two parallel pieces of bread. Then, the meats are placed inside. How many of you could say that every time you have a sub it is in a split roll, not two pieces of parallel bread. Once again it can be brought back to which the method the bread is contained and the typical occurrence of any variation in this is too slight to affect how the sub is …show more content…
The word sandwich elicits the verb ‘sandwiching’, and hot dog, ‘hotdogging’. For those who do not know what ‘hotdogging’ is, it is defined as; showing off or to perform stunts or tricks. One would not say “we were hotdogged on the bus today, it was so crowded”, or “dude that guy is a total sandwich”. Both imply different meanings that are in no way related. The hot dog can clearly be seen as as a different category altogether, rather than a sandwich. The following quote further proves my point. “It is clear Americans recognize the hot dog for what it is: a cultural icon that is a category unto itself,” “The people have spoken, and we hope this new data will help settle many of the heated debates that are still ongoing today.” said NHDSC ‘Queen of Wien’ Janet Riley. In case you were wondering, the NHDSC is the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Another quote by the NHDSC states, “Limiting the hot dog’s significance by saying it’s ‘just a sandwich’ is like calling the Dalai Lama ‘just a guy.’”, while this quote may be a fallacy, it has some truth to it. The Hot Dog is not just a sandwich, it is something else entirely, as well as having its own significance in the world of

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