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Should There Be Hunger In The United States of America?

America is known for its opportunities but, it is preposterous to know that people go without food within the country. In the world there are people who are willing to corporate for the well being others and their county. But within everyone there is greed and it is because of greed that a population of people within the United States are going through hunger. Many people- teens, adults, babies,and senior citizens- go without food for days on end within the united states. There are many places and people who can contribute to the cause of hunger and help with putting an end to it with the united states. Stores and restaurants through out food that was made incorrectly
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Many people die throughout the year from hunger, because of different reasons involving around the government system, lack in food pantries, farm land, work, and poverty. In today 's society jobs are hard to come by, yes, they are easy to get but, it is hard to keep when you are in poverty and can not make ends meet. On the other hand food pantries help with giving food to people in need, but there are times when they do not have enough or do not have any food at all. Throughout the year not getting paid enough money cripples a family and leads them into poverty which then leads to hunger. It is in these times that people start to get malnourished and die, “ ...corporate and private greed is making inroads daily, carving off lands which should be used for the production of foods and desecrating it once and for all”. Hunger would be one step closer to being solved if big businesses weren’t taking lands- farm lands- and using it to their will. People who are in hunger could plant and live off in the spring and winter but, yet again greed has us all by the …show more content…
They are old and retired, but most of the senior citizens do not have any retired funds to life off of. Instead they go to food pantries and other organizations that could help them in their daily lives, “Seniors require greater consideration towards their health and medical needs that can become compromised when there is not enough food to eat.” They face the need for nutritional food and to stay healthy and remain alive, another group that face hunger every day are children, being in poverty and hunger affects a child’s learning and surroundings. Going to school while hungry will not help a child, they can not learn or remain focus during lessons if they are hungry. Not to mention if a child go without food for too long the effect can lead to severe illness and they could potentially be hospitalized. A children who are in hunger face not having a future or a chance in life to make something of himself/herself. The more we wait to do something about hunger, the worst it is going to get in the future. Parts to the next generation is already going through the process of hunger which could later lead to

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