Persuasive Essay : Global Warming

938 Words Aug 16th, 2015 4 Pages
The Topic I am interested in pursuing for the persuasive essay is about The Global Warming. I am interesting in this Topic because I learned from my past experience working for The State Parks in Florida as a Park Ranger; by helping everyone to understand that we need to take care our environment by contribute to help “Mother Earth”; in addition, Global Warming is a slow increment in the general temperature of the world’s air for the most part credited to the “Greenhouse” impact brought about by expanding levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbon, and different contaminations chemicals; what’s more, I concur that this is going on at this moment and the normal worldwide temperature has expanded at the quickest rate in writing history. There has been much discussion recently about Global Warming, so you can see it on media, news, etc… By the way, and do you know what the causes behind this huge matter are? The word “Global Warming” divides in two: “Global” means something above borders or international and “Warming” means an alarm that something bad will happen; therefore, society needs to wake up and realize this matter that it is happening now in days, because the increment of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is more and more. Like I said before, I pick up this Topic because I want to change peoples ' minds and get a job that I can help to control the environment that we are living and so they can understand and be aware of this disaster that is happening right now in days. Some…

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