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Register to read the introduction… Boost Your Energy- Your body works more efficiently when you exercise, that efficiency provides more oxygen to your body’s cells which ultimately improves your energy.

Relieve Stress- Had a hard day at work or school? Take a walk or head to the gym, you’ll thank me later. Exercise increases the concentration of norepinephrine,a chemical that helps moderate your response to stress.
Improve Your Heart Health- Exercising reduces LDL cholesterol, the cholesterol that can block the arteries( blocked arteries cause heart attacks) and raises HDL (‘good’) cholesterol. Exercising also relieves the pressure on your heart (by lowering blood pressure) and improves your heart muscle function.
Boost Your Immune System- Exercising boost your immune system. It makes you less vulnerable to common viruses such as the cold and flu.
Improve Your Stamina- If exercise regularly you will increase your stamina as well as reduce fatigue.
Improve Coordination- Aerobic exercises are great for coordination. Coordination skills are especially important for older citizens as it can help prevent falls and
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Endorphins are your body’s natural pain killer. Exercise also helps with discomfort.
Increased Flexibility-Flexibility exercises improve the muscle a joint motion over time. Stretching is also important in becoming flexible.
What Types Of Exercises Are There
There are three common exercise types, aerobic, flexibility and resistance.
Aerobic- Aerobic exercise is any activity that you can maintain for a long period of time, is at a moderate intensity and keeps an increased heart rate. Some aerobic exercises include running and swimming. Aerobic exercise improves cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance.
Flexibility- Flexibility exercise is any exercise that helps the joints and muscles become more flexible over time. Some flexibility exercises include yoga and pilates. Flexibility improves your muscle and joint motion.
Resistance- Resistance exercise stimulates the development of the small proteins in muscle cells, which improves your muscle’s ability to generate force. Weight-lifting is a common resistance exercise. Resistance exercise improves the strength of muscle and bones, and improves your metabolism

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