Persuasive Essay: Can Junk Food Kill You?

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Can Junk food kill you? Thats been a question that has been going through my mind ever since I was a kid. Can you get fat from junk food? What happens if you eat junk food everyday? Are junk food harmful? Is questions I would ask my mom and I would always get the same answer, “Junk food is bad for you. Just do not eat it.” says my mother. What is so bad about junk food that I can not have any. My mom would limit the amount of chips, cookies, ice-cream, candies, and many more that I would eat. Till I got older in which I had an income, I would buy junk food for myself. I was skinny always and even if I eat junk food I was still able to keep my lean body. There can not go a week where I am not eating junk food. I have a terrible habit to go …show more content…
Thats where it hit me, “What if I stop eating all of these bad food?” I thought to myself. Thats where I knew something must be done. I should create an experiment on myself where I will not eat nothing unhealthy and no junk food for one whole week. This was the journey to test my sweet tooth, and so it begins. First of all, I would like to conclude that, as easy it may sound, it was extremely difficult for me. I was used to eating junk food everyday because of my diet. I had been recently working out and had been going off a dirty bulk diet which makes me eat anything bad. I was eating roughly over 3k calories a day and half of it was from fattening foods. So letting go junk food for a week was not only difficult because of my sweet tooth, but also my weight gain diet. So it began on the journey till the end. Not being able to eat junk food killed me even when I had thought about it. On day 1, it was quite easy for me because I would focus on other things besides junk food. I got passed day 1 with ease, but it started going downhill from there. Around day 3, my mood would slowly changed …show more content…
Even if you are addicted to junk food like me, it should not be as hard to let junk food go. Through my experiment I noticed that only a small amount of mood swings occurred during the week. Other than that I just got tired more frequently which was completely normal. What I earned through this whole process was not that I can go a week without junk food and be normal, but I was able to solve a question of mine. I did not have to go somewhere to answer my question, but i set up an experiment to answer my very own question. Anyone who is always boggled about something should always conduct an experiment and figure the answer on their own. That is what makes it beneficial for us. Just remember the next time you conduct an experiment, it is a pain in the

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