Persuasive Essay : ' Bad Girls Go Wild '

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In this position they are too young so they should be an exception because they may still be in the stages of development. The 5 years of probation that they were given is a reasonable punishment because that may possible help them change. That can show them what is right from wrong and the things they should not be doing. There are many more juvenile cases that have happened around the world that is shocking to hear about. It’s surprising to see how juveniles at such young ages can have the mind set to commit crimes likes adults. In the article, "Bad Girls Go Wild; A rise in girl-on-girl violence is making headlines nationwide and prompting scientists to ask why” Scelfo expresses, “The victim, an 11-year-old girl, lay crumpled on the floor, the front of her "Dora the Explorer" T shirt bloodied. The weapon, a steak knife, was in the kitchen sink. And the perpetrator, visibly upset and clinging to her mother, police say, was a little girl in a ponytail, only 9 years old. A few days later, she stood in white socks and shiny black dress shoes before a judge, listening as her lawyer entered a plea of not guilty.” In this position I think the girl is possibly too young because she is barely 9 but she should still have some consequences. It’s understanding that the lawyer wants to shows how she is not guilty but she did commit the crime but she should be an exception of not being sentenced her whole life. Sometimes it’s incredible to see how some juveniles can go on with…

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