Why Is It Important To Work Hard For Success Essay

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Tristan Yuhasz
Persuasive essay

An Extra Push for Success

School is a crucial part of everyone’s life. It is where you spend a majority of the first 20 years of your life. Grades are a way to measure how you are doing in school. Some parents feel that kids deserve to be paid for good grades and attendance. While this might not bring out the best personal values, if kids were paid even small amounts for good grades and attendance, students would become more responsible and maintain higher grades.
By being given money for achieving good grades, it's gives students an extra incentive to work their hardest to be the best. People love money, they are motivated by wealth. So offering some money to do well in school, kick-starts a hidden drive to strive to be the best. By giving students even a small amount of money, this gives them something to work towards. Paying students based on the
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Giving students money based on their grades is a great way to teach them that hard work leads to success. The harder the student works the more they get paid. This is a perfect example of the future. If students get low grades they will be paid less than if they get good ones. If you slack off at a job you will get fired but if you work hard you will get a raise. This instills in their mind that when they put in the work they are rewarded. Introducing money at a young age also allows for kids to become much more responsible. Letting them pay for certain things themselves prepares them for when they will be on their own. This establishes a sense of how much money is actually worth. Adults get paid for the job they work at every day. Students go to school for roughly 30 hours a week. Having a small bonus of money at the end of the period would be incentive enough to strive for success while still keeping in mind that the main point of school is to

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