Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Each year the cost of living increases, yet minimum wage stays the same. It is hard for people who are depending on the minimum wage to actually survive, especially if a family is involved. There are too many people who depend on a low-waged job to reach the family budget. These people are not wanting more money just because, it is needed to survive in such an expensive world. Minimum wage no longer does the job it was intended to do. The intent was to give the lowest paid workers a decent standard of living. Futhermore, as the price of living a decent life increases, the minimum wage should increase as well. Minimum wage should be raised slowly to help the people in need. It is extremely hard to support yourself minimum wage in today’s economy. It has not been keeping up with the inflation over the years. To have a minimum wage that hinders you from surviving is unethical. It is unfair to have a wage that low …show more content…
People should have a better opportunity to further their education for themselves and their family, which is hard to do coming from low-income. Children from low-income families have hard time paying for college because their parents cannot pay for it or they cannot save enough from their own minimum wage based job. Furthermore, scholarships are not guaranteed for every student. Raising the minimum wage could help the future for better education, which is one of the reason I side more with passing this law. Also, I support it because there are people out there working so hard to survive, living off of pay check hoping that things will become better, and doing the best for their families that they possibly can do just to be stuck in a loop that is difficult to get out of. Even though hard work pays off, with the minimum wage being this low that people struggle just to get by, makes this impossible to

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