Essay On Gun Control

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People are dying. Most liberals blame guns for these deaths but it is common sense that guns cannot kill by themselves. They need an evil person to use them. You cannot blame guns for these deaths. When police respond to threats of shooters the police bring guns with them, why? So they can neutralize the threat. Now in a recent mass shooting, Orlando, police took over three hours to get inside the nightclub and kill Omar Mateen. If an experienced gun owner had been carrying a gun inside of the nightclub he could have stopped the shooter but instead 50 people died before the shooter was stopped. People are dying but gun control laws are not going to stop that but make this happen more frequently instead. Gun control is a term used to describe …show more content…
Sure, they are not mass shootings but over 20 people die by guns in Chicago per day. Most people who are for gun control are mainly after assault weapons because of mass shootings instead of standard handguns.

People argue that gun control works in places like Australia but crime in Australia has also skyrocketed. In other places where there is very strict gun control like China there is still a lot of crime, including mass murders. In fact, one chinese man used a knife to stab over twenty children. But this isn’t the first time that a Chinese man has attack children with a knife, this has actually happened over three more times.

Liberals sometimes forget that guns can be used for good too. Just a few days ago in Alabama a pregnant woman shot a would be intruder, she also said “ I thank God that I had protection 'cause if I didn 't, you never know what could have happened.” This helps to prove my point that guns can be used horribly in the wrong hands but they can also be used to keep people safe. Like she said, if she didn’t have a gun she could have robbed, or even raped or murdered. This isn’t a rare circumstance either, according to gun guns are used 6850 times per day in an act of protection. They go on to say that this is 80 times more than they are used to

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