Persuasive Essay : ' Accommodating Sciences : The Rhetorical Life Of Science Facts

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Many sophisticated scientific journals are being published each year, presenting abstract information unknown to a lay audience, because of this, journalists are given the task to accommodate these journals for an audience unknown to science, some doing better than others. In Jeanne Fahnestock’s article “Accommodating Sciences: The Rhetorical Life of Science Facts, she describes accommodation as “…present a rather abstract scientific subject in a popular manner…” (Fahnestock 332). Before writing, journalists carefully monitor and choose sections from the original report that will marvel their readers and have them understand the significance of it from a lay view. In order to provide an effective accommodation, journalists must present each point precisely, offering simple yet effective use of jargon and concise information to guide their audience through an abstract scientific report. Such changes of information can be seen with Knvul Sheikh, a science journalist with three years of experience, accommodated article “Proteins In Your Hair Could Uniquely Identify You At A Crime Scene”, where she changes jargon; word for thought, and visuals from the original scientific report “Demonstration of Protein-Based Human Identification Using the Hair Shaft Proteome”, written by Parker et al. Sheikhs overall accommodation was good or sufficient, but could have provided a better accommodation for her audience by adding more information, adding visuals, and adding more emphasis in her…

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