Persuasive Essay About Zelda

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Register to read the introduction… Just got back from a three-month tour of the Caribbean, and I left there with a title around my waist. (raises another company's title just enough so the camera sees it before placing it on the table) Can’t tell you what a nightmare getting past airport security was. And what have you've been doing lately, Zelda? Oh, wait, I wouldn't know. Not like I can read minds or anything. But, uh, tell me something. What did it take for you to finally change your mind, hmm? Come on, Zelda. You can tell me. What’s the real reason why you signed with AESOP, you know, other than achieving glory and padding your resume? Did management promise you a year-long supply of oatmeal raisin cookies? By the way, I love oatmeal raisin cookies. Is Every Man’s Fantasy getting back together again for, like, the 20th time? Are you and Crystal gunning for the tag titles, is that it? You'll leave me guessing, right?

"I don't think it's any secret that your career has been defined by "firsts." Well, tonight, add another one to this - your first loss at Battlegrounds. I know you actually convinced yourself that maybe, hopefully, no, seriously this time, for real, you could possibly beat me, but you won't. Don’t take it personally, I’m not out to prove that I’m better than you. I’m aware of this, and so are
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I went on to lose my Rockford State Championship in DU, ending my nearly year long reign, and then immediately took a red-eye flight from Anaheim to Perth, Australia where I lost my first opportunity at From Oblivion with Love in October. But little did I know I would get a second shot almost three weeks later. And I remember that night perfectly. Friday Night Clash. October 29, 2010. Brisbane, Australia. It was the fallout show from the pay-per-view. It was near the middle of the show, and I came out there to the ring, got a microphone and spoke my mind. About Veronica being screwed out the title...about my own title loss. But most importantly, the disgrace the then-champion was to the Television Championship and 3WL as an attention seeking whore – which she was. But I

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