The Cause Of Terrorism In The United States

I remember it as if it was just yesterday, July 13th, 2006, 4 am and striking sounds of terror; my family and I were petrified by the Israelis bombings just outside our door near Beirut. Squeezed in the middle of the family room avoiding the bombings of a war, I looked outside the window and wondered why no one was doing anything about the horrible situation we were witnessing. I grew up in the reality of a land in a maelstrom of political turmoil, in the middle of a war-torn, politically and religiously divided and confused Middle East. The driving force was and is the reality that the complexity of crime is not changing, and I still want to know what can we do. As a child, my parents encouraged me to work on little “research projects” about …show more content…
The only reason we have not been able to resolve this issue is the understanding of the causes behind it. We know where, when and what is happening but do we really recognize why. A question that many people have failed to comprehend. Nowadays, ideologies are what drive the world around. “To understand the world today; it is essential to understand the conflicting ideologies that are at the heart of many conflicts and so much political debate.”(Sargent, 1) They are extremely significant and can define every person’s agenda and propaganda guiding their political actions and shaping their lives. Studying the different political ideologies is about analyzing thoughts and reflecting on issues. Many argue that belief causes terrorism. Terrorism derives from ideology, what terrorists believe in, constitutes the reason they commit such acts. Let us examine one extremely intriguing case: the Islamic ideology where we find ourselves trying to explain Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The belief behind these terrorists’ acts arises in their faith that this religion is the only ultimate solution to their life. Islam as a political ideology lies on a devotion to the sacred law, a rejection of Western influences, and the transformation of faith into ideology. It also refers to the beliefs and practices of those Muslims who seek to establish an Islamic State in order to enforce obedience to the Islamic law or Sharia derived from the Koran and the life and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. (Cox and Marks, 5) Thus, it drives many people to commit heinous crimes against humanity to protect what they trust in. Many researchers defined Islamic ideology as a monolithic, intolerant of dissent and lacking in individual freedoms. “Control is attempted over all aspects of Islam…Liberal clauses are overridden by clauses requiring conformity with sharia law. Religion and politics are completely intertwined so that a range of competing

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