Persuasive Essay About Sports

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Imagine a football star who has just graduated high school. The football star is everyone’s favorite, but what these people do not know is that he received poor grades in high school. As a result, he is not appropriate role model anymore. To some people, many of the best memories throughout high school, and even college, come from the time they spent playing sports. However, playing sports should not interfere with student athletes’ learning in school. Many students all around the United States who play sports are not doing well academically, which results in those students ineligible to play sports due to academic probation. The most important part of going to school is for the students to receive a quality education; playing sports is just …show more content…
Sports may be some people’s passion, which is normal for a lot of athletes, but they need to maintain good grades in their courses. In different high schools and colleges, different grade point averages are required to participate in extracurricular activities. Many professional athletes, such as Richard Sherman, excelled in their college courses. Richard Sherman, who is a professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks, attended Stanford University. He always told his teammates to “quit making excuses” for substandard academic performances while he maintained an excellent GPA of 4.1. Whatever future people want to pursue in life, having a good education is always important and can assist athletes in getting accepted to colleges; colleges do not only look at student athletes’ stats, but also their academic performances in school. Education is much more important than playing sports in school because sports are a …show more content…
What some people do not understand is that to be a great strategic player of any sport, athletes need to possess a great intelligence. Many professional athletes take time to further their education before going straight into a career in sports. Myron Rolle, for example, took his first year of eligibility in the National Football League and studied at Oxford University instead of entering the draft. Rolle chose to study at Oxford during the 2009-2010 academic year in order to earn a Master of Science degree in medical anthropology. Rolle’s increased intelligence allows him to make better decisions to execute plays better on the field. Rolle’s love for football may have been important to him, but his schoolwork was more important to him. Being intelligent makes athletes more strategically minded while playing sports, while the athletes who are not intelligent will not be more strategically aware of their choices. Having a great education will never cripple someone, especially while playing

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