Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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Farm hand work in the United States does not pay well and is intended for people without degrees for the most part. Typically, immigrants from Mexico with work visas hold these jobs because Americans don’t think the pay is enough and the working conditions are rough. In recent years Americans are starting to complain that these so called “immigrants” are taking the jobs of fellow Americans. There are always two sides to the story and I want to investigate why documented Americans, like myself, are blaming “immigrants” for stealing jobs in the U.S. Looking at the problem and what certain American citizens this issue distresses, I hope to seek a unique solution that solves the issue.

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First things first, I would
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Then, throughout the interview, the anonymous author points out that the jobs these undocumented workers do, are a lot harder than what the people criticizing them might expect. Mr. Rodriguez, the United Farm Workers President states, “Anybody going out there better be ready to really work in severe, difficult conditions” (83). The fact that the United Farm Workers president said the conditions are rough, one may expect farm work to not be a job an American citizen can just fill with ease. Mr. Thompson, an individual who actually tested out working in the farm fields pointed out Yuma’s high unemployment rate in the interview, he blatantly said “…I never saw another white person in the fields” (83). While the unemployment rate is rising because undocumented workers are filling these farm jobs according to the American people, United States citizens have equal access to attain one of the farm jobs but choose not too because of the pay and the working conditions. When the American people are calling out that they can’t find jobs because of undocumented workers, they need to know how hard and low paying the jobs are first. Mr. Rodriguez gets to the point in the interview about how much these farm jobs pay and says, …show more content…
First, we need to look at who is out of a job right now. American citizens who are adults without college degrees are the focus. Not everyone goes to college but without a college degree, most of the time you won’t make a comfortable salary. Getting to my next point, the jobs these citizens say undocumented workers are “stealing”, only pay minimum wage. So, what would an American citizen want with this job anyways if the pay is not adequate and the work is physically challenging? They could work at a fast food company and make more money with less physically demanding work. Or another solution along the same lines is for these people to get an education at an institution of higher learning. With a college degree, you have a lot more options with work and can get higher paying jobs all over the United States. It is important for citizens to have college degrees because they can live a better life without working for minimum wage. The problem is that people are lazy and don’t want to go to school anymore, but when you don’t extend your education, you may find yourself working for low paying jobs. Then you realize that undocumented workers have more motivation to do these low paying jobs. The best solution is to buckle down and get further your

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