Persuasive Essay About Illegal Immigration

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The debate on what should be done about illegal immigrants in the United States has been a major hot button issue for politicians as they are making their runs for offices. This is not a recent issue in the US. The problem of people entering the US illegally has originated since 1904 where mounted watchmen from the U.S. Immigration Service patrolled the border of El Paso, Texas preventing illegal Chinese immigrants from entering the United States. The U.S. Border Patrol was officially established in 1924 and charged with the duty of securing borders between inspection stations. In the 1980s, a tremendous increase in illegal immigration came from Mexico. This issue arose during the term of President Ronald Regan. This situation presented Regan …show more content…
Amnesty failed due to lack of knowledge, funding, and extreme demand. The provisions in the Simpson-Mazzoli Act covered just a portion of illegal immigrants being accredited with citizenship. This resulted in a portion not being given amnesty leaving some immigrants still illegal inside the United States due to lack of outreach and publicity in many communities. This will succeed this time because the world is very well connected so people not hearing is very unlikely. If the bill were to garner support, strong sanctions, and funding the bill would be successful. This is because originally, employment sanctions were weak in order to gain support businesses. Also not enough funding was direct to augment border security so immigrants could still get through easily. If this were to change no illegal immigrants would be left in the United States, few immigrants would be able to get through due to strong border security, and the demand for works would be less because the sanctions would be powerful enough to deter people from hiring illegally and a larger hiring pool would reduce demand. The safety of the American people would also not be in great jeopardy. The statistics in the con paragraph featured both legal and illegal immigrants for some statistics where as in the pro paragraph only accounted for illegal immigrants resulting in a .7% incarceration rate so the national average would only be 4.2% if illegal immigrants were given amnesty. Lastly, it’s the best option. Amnesty over time will produce educated people to go into the workforce and help repay the fiscal deficit of their forefathers. Also by deporting people the United States would be losing monetary resources as well as man power in order to deal with illegal

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