Personal Narrative Essay: Dropping Out Of High School

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It was my senior year at Lee High School and I was so tired of going to school that I wanted to drop out. The reason that I wanted to drop out of school was because I didn 't believe in myself and I was doing a lot of bad things like drugs. It was crazy to ever think of myself dropping out of high school. My mom always use to tell me it was too late to drop out and I might as well finish since it was my last year. I never listened to her because she dropped out of school in the eighth grade. It was the first month of school and I went for the first two weeks, then took a week off because I was so tired of going. It was my decision to stay away from school because I was over eighteen.
My mom told me “You are going to finish school or I am going to kick you out the house.”
I was like “You don 't tell me what to do”.
Then she said “BYE!”
Then I left for a couple of weeks, I only stayed at my aunt 's house for two weeks and went to school once a week. The reason I went to my aunt’s house was because my mom gave me an ultimatum so I left. It got boring after a while so I moved back home and went to school every day since I knew I couldn 't live with the
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I needed to get my stuff together, also I needed to fix my grades because I did really bad for my first semester. I don 't regret finishing school because now I 'm in college and doing well. I don 't think about ever dropping out of college because this is where everything happens and gets done. I have to build my life at college.
My graduating from high school has changed my life for the better because it tells me that I made a big achievement. Luckily, to say I 'm not the first person in my family to graduate, but I am the first person to go to college. It’s a big deal because my family really doesn 't like school at all. All the time I wanted to give up, but my mom helped me pull

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