Persuasive Essay About Buying A Car

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Imagine you are fresh out of high school, graduated top of your class, and now on your way to college. Now imagine your University is several hours away from home. Your parents inform you that the only way to get around from place-to-place will be with the obtainment of a new vehicle. Now you are burdened with the task of deciding when, where, what, and how you will carry out the task of buying a car. What is the first step to take? Many young adults are thrown into confusing situations like the one above, and it should be the schools responsibility to make sure they are well prepared and educated to successfully handle these types of situations. Students generally learn a lot of things while in school such as, simple math, spelling, cursive, etc.., that are ordinarily helpful in our everyday lives. But, they are also taught an array of other things such as, long division, memorizing the periodic table, and learning how to play “Mary had …show more content…
Thats how our school systems are run. “Rarely do we have any simulations, internships, or elaborate projects that consist of more than a power-point slide show, debates, or anything of that nature that could help us succeed in the real world”(Harte). I would say that instead of our current education system being too wide, it is too narrow. The teachers aren 't the ones to blame, they are only doing their job. The problem stems from the education system itself. By teaching classes such as computer literacy, personal finance, healthcare, ethics, and the law, we can make the society seem less scary for young adults to tackle and give them confidence in striving in the real world. “Those with the most education usually will have more options in the job market and better prospects for obtaining high-paying jobs”( Klien and Williams). The whole world could benefit if at least some of these courses were included in high

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