Persuasive Essay About Alcohol Addiction

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It is not always easy to love an addict. Even if they are trying to recover, the venture is often fraught with problems and challenges, especially if the addict spirals downward before they break their bad habits. Plus, sometimes individuals who love them can become addicted to making them better. Whatever the case, it can be a high-risk proposition for both of you.

If you are in love with someone suffering from alcohol addiction in St. George or anyplace else, here are a few things you should know right from the start and several steps you can take to make the journey more tolerable.

The Pitfalls

When the person you love is in the grips of alcohol addiction in St. George, New York City or San Francisco, you should know they are sick. Addicts
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George and elsewhere can lose their jobs, families, and homes. They may even end up spending time in prison if they do not obey laws. In the beginning of the addiction, they may seem like they are functioning in society, but eventually they cannot keep up with day-to-day activities or maintain relationships. What 's more, addicts can overdose, which can lead to an untimely death.

Risks to You

When somebody loves an addict, they usually want to help because they understand that the person they love is having difficulty fighting the disease on their own. However, helping an addict that you love is dangerous. Individuals that want to help addicts get better can become obsessed with the process of recovery, since thinking about the situation can occupy all of their waking moments and can even make them lose sleep at night. Plus, since they may see the person they love suffer both emotionally and physically, they can get caught up in their pain and end up suffering right along with them.

Another problem is that you may find yourself excessively worrying about all sorts of things. For example, you may become concerned that other people don 't understand you at all, since your friends and family may advise you to not help the addict, especially if they think you are becoming overwhelmed by the recovery process or you are going in a downward spiral with the

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