Persuasive Essay About A Dog

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For quite some time, people have been saying, “A dog is a man's best friend.” My question is, why can't a dog be mine? Dogs are loyal, fun to play with, and just overall great pets! A dog would teach me responsibility, adopting one would save its life, and it would give me something to do besides being on my phone all the time, like people say teens normally are. This is why I think I should adopt a dog.

The first reason I think we should get a dog is because it would teach me responsibility. Getting a dog requires me to wake up in the morning to walk and feed him, clean up after him, make sure he is fed and hydrated, and many more things that I can be fully capable of doing. Also, I am never behind in my school work, so that would mean I would not be able to not take care of him because of homework.

A dog would not only teach me responsibility, but it would give me something to do. Having a dog would cause me to do outside more, and be social while I am outside. Dog people are more talkative with other dog people, and a lot of people have dogs. Also, dogs sleep a little longer than people, so I would still have time to do my homework, and play with the dog, without either of us not having something to do. As well as having something to do, studies show that most teens spend about one-third of their day, on a
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Listen to this, only 35% of dogs end up being adopted from shelters. Those dogs are probably the adorable little puppies that everyone wants, but what about the older, maybe not-so-cute dogs, that need a great home and a family that loves them just as much as the little ones. Not just that, about 1.2 million shelter dogs are put down every year because of one reason or another. Dog people, or families with dogs, are also happier than people without dogs. So when you are thinking about getting a dog, don’t just think about how it will affect your life, but how it would affect

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