Persuasive Essay: Abolishing Homework

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Abolishing Homework Everyone in high school now today has homework. Their homework load is always the same no matter if they work, if they have a job to support their family or if they aren’t as smart as everyone else. Some kids need help in their classes and they cannot do everything that is asked for them on the homework, and they get docked points for it. Homework is viewed to induce stress and make kids less excited to learn, so the myth that homework helps is slowly going down the drain. School is getting harder and harder as more is being learned, giving out two pages of homework for each class a night isn’t reasonable when they are kids and need to enjoy their time as a kid. Abolishing homework is the answer to kids stress issues. Although abolishing homework is a good idea, there are negatives to the solution of homework. Even though homework can be hard and challenging, homework allows parents to see how their kids are doing in their class and shows if they need any help for upcoming tests (“Homework..). If homework is hard for you than your …show more content…
At home homework can give students a huge boost if they know how to do it, and can lower their grade just as much. If homework was abolished, the more challenged students would be closer to the smarter students because they won’t have to be graded on homework. Not giving homework could help kids get into college with the ability to receive more scholarships (Auroa). Scholarships grant students a lot of money, and sometime are the only reason kids pursue their career in school and go to college. Scholarships can award some pretty great cash offers. If students were not failing as many homework assignments and their grades were getting better, due to the less points, more students would continue on to college. If high school students knew they could get good grades and pursue their education most would take that

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