Abortion: An Argument Against Adoption

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Many of us believe in saving lives and caring for mankind. I for one stand behind those same morals and standards. However, when it comes to creating life and choosing the right path for one’s future I have no certain opposition to what that person decides. Abortion has been frowned upon for many decades and will be until the end of time, but who are we to judge on the character of others who feel as though they have no other option. I believe in pro choice for every woman because it 's their life and given right. There are several arguments for those who are against abortions and one of them being adoption as an alternative. Adoption brings couples who cannot conceive hope at raising a child of their own. Many believe that it is beneficial …show more content…
Having an abortion has no serious health effect to where she cannot produce a healthy child or perform a successful delivery without complication. Multiple abortions do not effect a woman from carrying a child and there is no proof or evidence that concludes to those claims. Many people believe abortion is simply a negative where there are no positive outcomes; I on the other hand think differently. Choosing an abortion is not so much of a beneficial factor for an unborn child but more so the parent. It gives them a chance to continue living their lives without hinderance and learn from their situation. A woman needs to be prepared for a child to enter their world because it changes everything. No longer will that person be able to do a lot of the things she used to like go to evening events or enjoy a simple quiet night at her home. As stated before a woman no matter what age should have a choice as to how she wants to live her life. If she chooses to never have children yet accidentally became pregnant and still decides that she doesn 't want kids who has a right to tell her she has to give birth. Abortions give women an opportunity to start over and do things the right way so her child can grow up living a happy life without stress. Not everyone is blessed with a support system to help them throughout their journey to motherhood. Most of the time women consider abortions because they feel alone and have nobody to depend on. Either way women need these kind of options to give them hope of a second

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