Persuasion Pursuit : Viewpoints On Multicultural Communication

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Persuasion Pursuit: Viewpoints on Multicultural Communication What precisely is multicultural communication? It is a form of communication that consist of different languages and cultures. This nation is loaded with a huge number of multilingual people. A considerable lot of the people experience serious difficulties with multicultural communication in their homes, school, and other open settings. In these cases, a large number of the people whose first language is not English are judged on the grounds that they experience difficulty speaking with the individuals who communicate in English. In Amy Tan’s article, “The Mother Tongue”, she wrote how being bilingual can affect the individuals. Richard Rodriguez wrote “Aria A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” in which he argues that bilingual education can affect how the person feels about where they belong and the feeling of being secure. In the article “People Like Us”, David Brooks argues that although there is clearly diversity in the country, people really do not idolize diversity like we seem to do. However, out of all these arguments these writers are trying to persuade, Amy Tan was the writer who proved her point about multicultural communication and uses rhetorical strategies most effectively to persuade her readers to obtain her main point. Multicultural communication can affect the individuals whose first language is not English. Amy Tan wrote, “The Mother Tongue” in which she declares to her audience that…

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