Perspectives On Marriage 's Benefits And Challenges Essay

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Perspectives on Marriage’s Benefits and Challenges

Perspectives can change with age and experiences. Well-developed perspectives can help pass on wisdom and advice. For this paper, I learned the perspectives of a couple who have been married more than thirty years, a newly married couple, and a person who is single. There was some overlap in thoughts between the subjects’ answers and there was also some variability. It was thoroughly enjoyable to gain advice and to try to understand each person’s marriage view and observe the nonverbal and verbal expressions of the married couples. In Industrial-Organizational psychology, we learned that when there is a realistic job preview, there will be less candidates for a job, but a lower rate of those who quit. These interviews provided a realistic marriage preview, providing both the benefits and challenges of marriage. My first interview was with my aunt Mary and uncle Jim. They have been married thirty and a half years. I knew they would be a great couple to interview. They teach their own marriage class/bible study in Colorado Springs and I can plainly see the deep love they have for each other. The way they responded to my interview questions also reflected their love, not just in the words they were saying, but also by the way they interacted with each other. My first question was, “What are the benefits of marriage?” My uncle jokingly replied with, “Three square meals a day with variety.” His wife laughed and rolled her…

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