Perspectives of Personality Essay

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Perspectives Of Personality There are many theories of personality, they have been grouped into four basic perspectives: psychoanalytic, humanistic, social cognitive, and traits. The psychoanalytic perspective focused on the importance of the unconscious processes and the influence of early childhood experience. The psychoanalytic perspective suggests that there is a structure to the mind which includes the id, ego, and superego. The id is the completely unconscious, irrational component of the personality. It is not affected by logic, values, morality, danger, or the demands of the external world. The ego is the semi-conscious rational part of the personality and the superego is the semi-conscious, moralistic part of the …show more content…
Raymond Cattrell identified sixteen personality traits he believed could be used to understand and measure individual differences in personality. It was Robert Mccrae and Paul Costa who introduced ‘The Big Five" theory. This theory identifies five key dimensions of personality: extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to experience. (Hockenbury, D.H. & S.E.,2014 pg 441-442)
The Three Theory Comparison Personality development has been a significant topic of interest in the field of psychology. Personalities are what make us unique. Many theorists developed theories that describe different stages that occur in the development of personality. Some theories that focus on the different aspects of personality development include psychoanalytic, humanistic, and trait perspectives. Freud's theory of personality "stresses the importance of unconscious forces, sexual and aggressive instincts and early childhood experience" (Hockenbury, 2014). According to Freud, every person possesses a particular amount of psychological energy. This energy develops into three structures of personality: id, ego, and superego. These identities are not separate, they are just distinct psychological processes. Freud's ideas have had a lasting impact on our culture and an understanding of human nature. Although Freud has such a huge impact on psychology and society, there are several criticisms of his theory of psychoanalytic personality. Freud's

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