Perspectives Of African American Higher Education Learners On Arts Based Activities

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Mont, M. A. (2012). The Perspectives of African American Higher Education Learners On Arts-Based Activities. PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning, 21, 1-21. Retrieved November 11, 2016.
This article is considered a qualitative article that is reporting on research exploring the different perspectives that have been taken of students who have taken art-based courses in higher education and an investigative research on the purpose of incorporating this style of learning on the professors. The purpose of this article is something that is clearly stated from the beginning of the article to the end. The author is very clear about what the primary purposes of the article are.
The primary purposes of the article are these two key things. The first is learning of the studies geared towards means of increasing representation of people of color in the curriculum of adult and higher education programs. Insight on How scholars have noted that the curriculum in learning tools are “often based on the insights and interests of the White majority” (Mont 2012) thus lacking in cultural responsiveness in terms of concerns to those students of color. As students of color rise academically they are challenged by commonly held beliefs and ideologies that many members of the White majority view them, especially when it comes to African Americans. Within this first purpose there is one definite question that needs to be answered; what is the most effective way to develop and implement a curriculum…

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