Personnel Needs For Support Globalization Efforts Essay

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Personnel Needs to Support Globalization Efforts
With globalization growing at an accelerating pace and the rapid increase of technology expansion has changed today’s workforce from being hard labor to a knowledge based environment. As the baby boomers are entering into retirement, organizations are finding it hard to replace them. HR is working diligently to recruit and retain the right people for the right job, even more so for overseas positions. In order to maintain a successful workforce domestically and abroad senior management needs to understand how globalization has impacted business operations. In this case, As the Human Resource Generalist of the organization my assignment is to recruit and hire a new manager who can efficiently oversee and direct our Scandinavian division. Therefore, we will be discussing the impact of overseas functions, the effects of the global marketplace, then communicate to leadership their key responsibilities and how they need to be implemented.

Due to the rapid growth in globalization, technology, and free trade, there is a surge of Multinational Corporation’s development and an increasing need for highly skilled professionals to move across the country. These companies depend on their HR generalist to recruit, hire, and train these top talented individuals to effectively manage its overseas procedures in order to keep a competitive advantage. In spite of this, there are several steps in assigning an international…

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