Personified Formula Of Lady Macbeth

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Personified Formula

Is she insane? Is lady Macbeth riddled with insanity? Many would argue, yes. Lady Macbeth is driven to dementia by the fear of damnation. In the famous play The Tragedy of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, written during the Elizabethan era which was to reflect the reign of James VI succeeding to the English throne is where Lady Macbeth's character is centered around. The play itself revolves around the main character, Macbeth, who persists on murdering for the sake of power. His wife, Lady Macbeth, is an accomplice to the murder of Duncan which sets forth a serious of killing. Due to all the killings, Lady Macbeth is infused with fear while Macbeth is troubled with keeping his kingdom. It is evident that Shakespeare's
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Moreover, any sensible person can reasonably see that Lady Macbeth is considered a model for all riddling with guilt, specifically with murder. For instance, she can be a formula of all suffering from sin. Therefore, as a formula serves to be the solution to a problem, Lady Macbeth serves to be a resolution with all troubled with sin. Lady Macbeth must be considered a personified formula of redemption. To start with, Lady Macbeth has all the qualities of women in search for forgiveness. It is clear that Lady Macbeth is overrun with guilt hence her paranoia actions. She took part in the killing of Duncan because she was driven by the idea power. She persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan and "fear thy nature"(I.v.) of Macbeth because he was "too full o' the milk of human kindness To catch the nearest way"(I.v.). Lady Macbeth was fearful that Macbeth didn't have the strength to kill Duncan; therefore, she wanted to be "[unsexed] here, And [filled] from the crown to the toe topful Of direst cruelty!" (I.l.l) that way she was capable of helping commit the crime. In essence, she wanted to be changed internally to have the will to …show more content…
Many criticize Lady Macbeth and her grief, specifically that it will not lead her to forgiveness. For example, some critics say that "it is the false choice that starts [her to her] tragic end, it is failure to turn back from the choice, to renounce it, that makes ruin inevitable" ( Cunningham)". Therefore, saying that because she helped Macbeth and manipulated him to complete the action she has no room for repentance and shall be damned to hell. Especially since she is the one who wanted to "mock their charge with snores. [she] drugged their possets"( II.ii. ) which shows she is the one who forced Macbeth to kill Duncan by drugging Duncan's service men.. She wanted Macbeth to change who he was from the kind hearted person to a cold hearted person and that is what she got. Additionally, because "It is Lady Macbeth who supplies the emotional power that enables [Macbeth] to settle his will and so complete the act of moral choice that leads ultimately to catastrophe" (Cunningham). Therefore, showing that Lady Macbeth is the cause of all chaos in the tragedy due to her manipulation of Macbeth. After all, she wanted him to "be the serpent under the flower" (a.s.l) and she got what she wanted. This makes clear that the opposing argument is that hope and redemption are lost completely for Lady Macbeth. Therefore, because she is to blame for so much of the killing, she has no room to be forgiveness. Especially since

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