Chef Remy In Ratatouill

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A poem has many different ingredients, and like Chef Remy in Ratatouille, a poet has to gracefully blend these different elements of poetry together. Together, these create the different dimensions and aspects that a poem consists of. Each individual element of poetry plays a significant role and brings something unique to the poem, impacting the reader in a certain way. Some elements serve the purpose of conveying a more vivid picture to the reader while others create a different effect, such as causing the reader to pause and think. I will be exploring the ubiquitous elements of personification, imagery, and irony.
Personification is when lifelike or humanistic traits are given to inanimate objects and illustrates a vivid picture of that
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Imagery is utilized to convey specific details to the reader and achieves the effect of making them more immersed in the poem. The reader is able to imagine the smells, the noises, and all the nitpick details that the speaker is describing. In “Lentils”, Bedikian describes her aunt and childhood home in great detail allowing the reader to relive the speaker’s memory. It also conveys to the reader the importance of this memory, because the speaker remembers it in such detail. First, Bedikian describes how as the aunt is preparing dinner for them, the “orange orbs spill down to a silver tray, flat and wide” (Bedikian 30). This moment of her life obviously stood out to her, which shows how it is an important part of her childhood. As the poem progresses, the speaker then shifts her focus to the physical features of her aunt, describing them in great detail. She recalls how her aunt’s “radish cheeks begin to glow above the boiling pot.” This vivid memory shows how she was observing her aunt closely as she was4 preparing food for them and reveals how the speaker feels grateful because of all the things the aunt does for them. This gives the reader a vivid description of one of the many responsibilities that the aunt had, and conveys to the reader the speaker’s appreciation of her aunt’s

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