Personality Traits In Nutrition

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When I chose to enroll at Kaplan university it was with a clear trajectory of where I wanted my degree to take me and an even clearer “Why”. The why for me was personal, as a woman who tipped the scales at almost 200lbs following the birth of my son I felt lost, I had this beautiful child I loved with every fiber of my being but I was unable to look in the mirror without feeling a scene of shame. I was depressed, scared and broken but I had this tiny baby who desperately needed his mama to be strong, so I dragged myself to the gym, I worked with a nutrition coach and I found the person who was under all those pounds. As I lost weight I remember how nutrition changed everything for me, I could run on a treadmill until my legs where jell-o but …show more content…
organizational skills and analytical capabilities are also crucial because without them you can not properly manage and diagnose a patient’s care (Kaplan University, n.d.). A lack of any of these skills is a surefire way to sink your business and your client’s health. In the unit three learning activity I learned that my two key traits are investigative, and social with artistic edging out enterprising for third by one point. These findings came as no shock to me, I have worked for the past 7 years as a creative professional doing graphic design and have always been a social person with a bit of an inner science geek. I feel as though these personality markers will serve me well as I move into a career in nutrition. It is important to be social with clients so they don’t feel you are a cold person and open up to you more easily, it is also highly beneficial to have an investigative nature because I will spend my career looking into people’s dietary choices and investigating what needs to be changed. Odd as it may sound I also think it will bode well for myself and my clients that I don’t have a conventional personality, there are many, many nutritional councilors out there who possess that trait and it can lead to client frustration when they are not willing to think outside the box and find a functional approach. In order to be most successful working independently I need to hone my enterprising skills and build a foundation on which my business will

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