Personality Traits And Self Esteem Essay

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3. The Big Five specifies that uniqueness is related to self-esteem. The Skorek, Song, and Dunham, (2014) asset that there is a direct association between personality traits and body esteem; nevertheless, personality traits recount to other distinct dissimilarity dynamics that are linked to body esteem, establishing the likelihood of a more multifaceted association. McCrae and Costa’s five-factor theory, the Big Five personality proportions (agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, extraversion, and openness to experience) impact individuals’ self-conceptions together with the trait self-esteem (Skorek et al, 2014). This constancy between personality traits and self-esteem is reinforced by work performing that Big Five personality measurements make up for 34% of variance in self-esteem. (Skorek et al, 2014). In addition, self-esteem is connected to body esteem in both men and women, and it is painstaking one of the strongest predictors of body esteem (Skorek et al, 2014). Young males and females have been primed to accept as that image and looks is a main foundation for self-assessment and assessment by others, and low fulfilment with an individual’s form is frequently linked with low self-respect and the other way around (Skorek et al, 2014). This connection comes out of self-concept theory, which suggests that displeasure with unlimited significance to one’s self and body is harmful to the person’s self-esteem than displeasure in areas of less significance…

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