Personality Trait Assessment Of Infj And The Temperament Of Nf

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This paper will discuss the personality trait assessment of INFJ and the temperament of NF. This will include a personal assessment and reflection of these traits. There are important aspects of these traits that need clarification to understand the concepts. These traits have benefits and downfalls from all aspects of life. The benefits and downfalls play a critical role in the professional and personal life of individuals. The realization of ones traits can assist in the development of organizations and individuals. The properly matched traits and lead to success. The other side of the spectrum is that ignoring these factors can hinder the performance in professional and personal lives. The impact on professional and personal experience will influence the underlying factors in all personality. The longstanding notion of keeping with the expected norm may not lead to fruitful returns. The personality trait assessment has proven to provide results within organizations if applied correctly.

The Personality Assessment The results of the personality test by the Jung Typology Test are INFJ (Humanmetrics, 2016). The breakdown of the percentages for the categories are 12 percent as an introvert, six percent as an iNtuitive, six percent as feeling, and 22 percent as perceiving (Humanmetrics, 2016). The main dominate traits of the INFJ are categorized as a person that has a core of a character that attributes to many aspects of their life (Humanmetrics,…

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