Personality Theory Essay

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LASA 2: Exploring Personality Theories

Part I: Apply the personality theories to your personal life experience by answering the following questions. (Each paragraph below should be 200 – 400 words.)

1. The Five Factor Model of Personality: Explain where you fall on each of the FIVE dimensions or traits in this theory. Discuss whether you feel you were “born with” this trait or if you feel this trait developed through experiences in your environment (such as family experiences or other learning experiences). Based on your experience, explain whether personality traits are primarily biological (innate) or environmental (learned) (Nature vs. Nurture). (1 paragraph)

Openness to Experience- This trait includes appreciation for
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Those who score low on extraversion prefer solitude and/or smaller groups, enjoy quiet, prefer activities alone, and avoid large social situations. I believe this was also environmental to me because my family all have outgoing personalities and love to be social. I on the other hand do not like talking in big groups. I can only talk to 2 people at a time that is in a small group. I also prefer to be alone. I think I gained this trait by the people I was hanging out with. They also do not like big crowds.
Agreeableness- Ones ability to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonist toward them. People who score low on agreeableness tend to be less considerate and rude. I know that I score high on agreeableness because I am one to agree even when I disagree sometimes. I do not like to express my opinion nor do I like confrontation. If I know the situation is wrong, I will speak my mind. In other cases, I am known to go with the flow. This to me is biological because I was always taught to see from another point of view.

Neuroticism- High neuroticism is characterized by the tendency to experience unpleasant emotions, such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability. This is environmental because it is natural to become angry, depressed, vulnerable and anxious about situations. You may react

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