Essay about Personality Theory Vs. Psychodynamic Theory

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There are a countless number of psychologists and their personality theories who believe that they have unlocked the door to the mysterious world of behaviors. But which ones can we believe? Amidst the vast expanse of the world’s capacity for knowledge, will we ever truly be able to decode personalities? Do we really have the capability to assess our own personality? Although these questions may not have definitive answers, and it may be hard to choose a personality type that fits you best, I do believe that the Trait Theory does a better job than most at explaining my personality and my behaviors. Even though the Humanistic, Social-Cognitive, and Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic theories may help to decode our behaviors, it is easier to point out the flaws in these strategies.
Although the Trait Theory may describe my personality best, the Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic theory has overlap in explaining my personality and its origins. Freud’s Defense Mechanisms are an interesting way to look at personality, including my own. According to the defense mechanism quiz, I scored highest in Projection— with an 80 out of 100, second highest in Repression and Denial— a 70 out of 100, and lowest in Reaction formation— 20 out of 100. I believe that my scoring in these defense mechanisms accurately depict my personality. Projection is the process of disguising one’s own unacceptable impulses, thoughts, or desires by attributing them to others (notes). It is often found that people who…

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