Personality Theory And Theory Of Personality Essay

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The following assessment is created to determine successful characteristics of personality analysis that can be effective in identifying individual personality traits. Reviewing one the major personality theories, I will identify assessments that can be effective in understanding an individual’s behaviors and to improve the communications between human resources and individuals within an organization.

Five Factor Model

To introduce a theory of personality among cultural studies we must first explain the five factor model. The five factor model of personality is the standardized listing of personality traits each theory of personality that is created attempts to identify these traits by sub categorizing by traits within each category and tries to explain the origin of the traits identified. The Five factor model is based off the following five traits Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. (Juang, Matsumoto, 2013)

Evolutionary Theory and Five Factor Model

Evolutionary theory attempts to explain personality as a collective of traits based off the five factor model, that are present in every human being around the world regardless of their cultural background. (Juang, Matsumoto, 2013)Within the Evolutionary theory the five factor model is broken down by traits that appear within each category of the five factor model. Evolutionary theory…

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