Essay about Personality Theory And Personality Theories

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In some ways, those in society can be viewed as being the same. We all strive for the same human nature. We all physically possess human bodies and human minds, which allows us to have thoughts and experience human feelings. However, in contrast, there are ways that we are completely different from each person we do or do not know. People do not share the same exact experiences or perspectives on life. Individuals have unique qualities and hold specific characteristics that show our own unique ways of being human. This is explained by personality theories, which show that no two people are truly alike. So what is personality? Personality is who we are. Personality is molded from a person’s experiences, which then is made to be a set of traits that have been learned over a period of time. Our personalities are the determinants of how we will behave, act, react, and interact with others and respond to positive or negative situations. Some theory researchers propose that personalities are shaped from environmental and cultural reasons; some propose they are genetically influenced. There are many existing perspectives that attempt to explain specific or overall traits and types. Within this paper, the personality of aggression will be defined. Different aggressive types and the development of these types will be explained and then discussed through the Psychoanalytic and Social Cognitive Perspectives. These two perspectives will help explain how an aggressive…

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