Personality Tests: Different Types Of Different Characteristics

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When people think about different personalities, they mostly think of someone being athletic, loud, shy/quiet, or brainiac. There is multiple test a person can take to find out what their personalities are such as the SAPA project, the Kisa, or the Myers-Briggs test. These tests will show a person how a test can define their personalities. The personalities that are tested include extrovert, sensing, thinking, perceiving, introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgment. While taking one of these tests, I received a score of ENFJ. Without taking one of the tests, I would not have been able to find out what type of personality that I have.
The first letter I got on the test was an E. The E in personality tests means to be an extrovert. People with an extrovert personality tend to focus on things of the outside for example people, things. and activities. They are energized by having a relationship, or interaction with other people. Some characteristics of an extrovert person are that they are very talkative, they love to participate in
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The N in personality tests mean to be intuitive. People with an intuitive personality trust their hunches, intuitions, and look for the "Big Picture" in situations. Their personality would rather think before they act. They think about the pro 's and con 's before they start doing a task. Some may even strive to grasp patterns, or steps to achieve anything in their lives. In a classroom setting an intuitive personality will think about what the speaker is going to say, but might not hear or grasp what the speaker is saying. An example of an intuitive personality moment in my everyday life is when someone gives me advice. When people give me advice, whether it pertains to a school, work, or everyday life. I will trust them and go by what they say. Such as whenever I see my advisor, I take the classes she tells me too because I believe she knows what is best for

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