Personality Testing Is Primarily Designed Based On Specific Personality Theories

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Likewise, personality testing is primarily designed based on specific personality theories and are developed empirically through tests that identifies individuals of differing personalities. Some of the most prominent theories from which personality testings’ are derived include; psychodynamic approaches, behavioral approaches, trait, type and state theories, humanistic approaches and empirical approaches. Some techniques for categorizing personality tests were proposed by Koppitz and include verbal, visual, drawing, manipulative and objective measures. Verbal techniques incorporate verbal stimuli and verbal responses which can be communicated either orally or in writing. Equally, visual techniques involve the presentation of visual stimuli to the examinee that in turn produces a verbal response. A common example of this technique is that of the Rorschach which is a projective test that requires one to verbalize what ten inkblots reminds them of.
On the contrary, “clinical assessment is the process that counselors and psychologists use to gain information about a client” (Drummond, 2004, p. 263). Clinical assessments are used to: determine appropriateness of DSM-V criteria; to evaluate the presence of neurological impairments; to determine appropriateness of treatment, counseling or therapy; to prescribe proper teaching strategies; to identify the client’s assets, achievement and aptitude to guide rehabilitative, therapeutic or educational planning; to determine whether an…

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