Personality Review

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I took a personality test and now I got some results about my personality. Before I took the test, I guessed that my personality is curious, generous, reliable, perfectionist, emotional, easy-going, friendly, negative, caring and responsible and so on. Now I’m going to review the results and consider the two questions that is about whether the results are accurate of my personality and what my personality is formed by.
First of all, I was analyzed as ISFJ by the personality test. According to the description of the result, The ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. And The ISFJ is characterized above all by their desire to serve others, their “need to be needed”. I was surprised that this result was almost an accurate
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And, I don’t have religion so I can’t believe in the god or something that I can’t see. That’s why I have not slight but moderate preference of sensing. Thirdly, the result showed me slight preference of feeling over thinking. I also agree with the result that I am feeling. As this result shows, I think that I make a decision and do action based on my emotion, so I easily influenced by others. However, the result also means that I am gentle and caring and I like to help others such as family and friend because my action is mainly based on other’s emotion. I want to offer one example to explain. When I entered in a university which is much far from my parent’s house and started to live by myself, my parents sometimes came over and stayed in my house for a few days to go sightseeing. I usually went along with my parents who went to tourist attractions, restaurants and so on even though the place I have been to. Every time my parents came over my house, I do so. For son of my parents, It’s may be natural but lots of my friends in my university didn’t do that like this because of embarrassment. However, I don’t think so, because I usually want to help others …show more content…
I think my personality is mainly based on my family, especially my parents although it’s natural for children to be educated by their parents. So, for me significant other is my parents. Then, the word, “socialization” (Business, socialization) which means process by which individuals acquire the knowledge, language, social skills and values to conform to the norms and roles required for integration into a group or community is important roles for my personality. For example, When I was child, I was taught by parents lots of things like that you should be kind to everyone, greeting to people you meet and importance to complete what I start doing. Therefore, my parents is significant others for me. However, my personality would have been effected by not only my parents but also my siblings, friends, and teachers. And also, regarding “self-esteem” (p.41-43) which means like my pride in myself or my self-worth is one of the possible sources for my personality traits. In my case, high self-esteem is that I can be gentle and caring to everyone like willingly helping others, that’s why I realize that I am gentle and caring person and have confident about that. On the other hand, low self-esteem is that I easily influenced by others, therefore I’m not independent and not good at giving my opinion. And also I’m negative and if I have undesirable things, I usually have negative thoughts. In the

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