Personality Test And Personality Tests Essay

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Every person is different from one another, not one person is exactly the same. Our personalities are what set us apart from each other. Personality is a mixture of traits and values that make an individual a distinct individual. There are certain ways to understand the distinctions of personality, such as a personality test. A personality test produces a certain definition for different types of people based on questions and character attributes. The two personality tests I took were Color Code Personality Test and My Personality test, which I found both online by searching personality tests.
The first personality test that I took was the Color Code Personality Test. The test consisted of forty-five questions and was divided into two sections. Once calculated, the test would then gives a color which meant a specific thing. The first section presented four word choices and I had to choose the best word that described my behavior as a child. Some of my options were if I was proactive, nurturing, objective, and insightful. I chose nurturing because I remember as a child I would always care deeply for my toy dolls. The second section asked what would I have done as a child in certain situations. One question asked what my natural reaction to embarrassment as a child would be. I could choose that I distanced my self, fought back, became quiet, or felt strong negative emotion. I chose that I use to distance myself from others and I ignore the issue while bottling up my…

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