Personality Test And Personality Tests Essay

1028 Words Jul 25th, 2015 null Page
People’s career success is commonly believed to be correlate with their personality. Based on that belief, the personality test has been designed as a hiring tool and most personality tests are presented as questionnaires that applicants are required to fill out during hiring processes. Data shows that personality test has become an industry with $400 million a year and at least 30 percent of organizations in U.S. have used that in hiring practices (Berry et al. 13). Managers are convinced that personality test enables them to select the applicants who are more likely to be successful performers on particular jobs and would stay in position for long time. However, some concerns related to personality test are criterion-related validity, faking responses, and sexual discrimination. Those concerns have been studied by researchers, and findings indicate that companies and applicants do not need to be overly worried about most of those concerns. In general, personality test is reliable and valid for personnel selection now. For a company, high-quality employment leads to increased profits of entire company while the bad hiring causes huge losses. Honest and reliable character is the basic requirement for an applicant to be employed since questionable characteristics, such as violent, disagreeable, drug abused and dishonest, would result in companies’ low productivity and huge profit loss. For instance, data shows that the cost of direct theft by the employees is more…

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